Oh, sweet technology

I have missed my darling blog! My poor old laptop finally bit the dust and wouldn’t stay on for more than a few minutes at a time. I could have written on my phone but autocorrect made it rather difficult.

But now, as a birthday present, I have a new laptop! A lovely, lightweight piece perfect for writing on.

I’m going to try and make time in my chaotic little life to start blogging again. As soon as I have another sunny day, I’ll start by taking pictures of the current state of the remodel to show how it’s going. We’re currently in the breakfast nook and the supplies have spilled over into the dining room to make it a construction zone again. However, progress is happening.

I also have a small vegetable garden, a new kitten, and a drive to start a little home bakery.

I rank the kitten the most important of those topics.


His name is Merlin. He’s a shadow demon and spoiled rotten after only a month and a half. He’s also bonded with Kulu in such a way that suggests he sees the older male cat as a surrogate mother. I’ve never witnessed anything cuter!


When it rains, it pours

Rainy days make me want to stay in bed and never get up. Today is the epitome of the “I want to go back to bed” rainy day feeling.

I woke up to this:

Two rooms flooded by the heavy rain. The breakfast nook and the storage room both had water glaring back at me, and not all of it was my tears. And of course the storage room’s bulb (which can’t be turned off) went out a couple days before I need to have someone come in and see the damage.

But the good news is, the fellow is who going to fix that saggy wall called and said he was going to come by. I was planning on calling him to schedule a time he can come look at the new-to-me leak, so it saved me a call! I hurriedly moved everything in the breakfast nook away from the wall he’d be working on, and in the process I was finally able to get a good look at the door hiding behind the white hutch.


Sorry for the blur….I was probably mid-move as I went on to the next project. The lighting in the room changed dramatically, even with the rain outside, once I uncovered the door and took the moldy curtain off of it. I can’t use the door due to it being nailed shut and sealed by mud on the outside so I’m considering asking for a window to be installed and this door to be hung between the master bedroom and the office/nursery.

There’s good news about the wall that I’m very excited about. Originally, it was suggested that the wall would have to be removed completely. However now that it’s been looked into (pun not originally intended, but I love it) by tearing a bit off and peaking at what’s inside, we now know that it’s not completely wood. They’ll still have to dig out the dirt behind it and allow the cinder-blocks to dry out, but once that’s done they’ll only need to use sealant on it and the wall to the storage area.

Oh, and I was on point in regards to the ceiling repair man not making it on Thursday. He’s delayed it until Monday, which will be great for Mister not to have to come home to a construction site! However, I’ve already made great progress packing away everything I can carry (and even some things that I can’t) to the back part of the house.

For now, I’m left with no coffee table, dining room chairs hidden about the house, and part of my wall ripped off.


A little bit of delay here and there

I just wanted to slap an update here that, unfortunately, my country internet has decided to go out for a little while. It probably won’t be back for a week or so. I’ll be working from my phone during this time and that means a little less work here. I already had posts scheduled during this time, so the only things that will be lacking is the sharing to social networks (since the app shuts down every time I try to do that) and the weekly YouTube channel updates (I can’t even upload videos right now anyways).

I’ll still reply to any comments, but the posts will be on autopilot for a bit.

Curse you country mountains and small town living!