Oh, sweet technology

I have missed my darling blog! My poor old laptop finally bit the dust and wouldn’t stay on for more than a few minutes at a time. I could have written on my phone but autocorrect made it rather difficult.

But now, as a birthday present, I have a new laptop! A lovely, lightweight piece perfect for writing on.

I’m going to try and make time in my chaotic little life to start blogging again. As soon as I have another sunny day, I’ll start by taking pictures of the current state of the remodel to show how it’s going. We’re currently in the breakfast nook and the supplies have spilled over into the dining room to make it a construction zone again. However, progress is happening.

I also have a small vegetable garden, a new kitten, and a drive to start a little home bakery.

I rank the kitten the most important of those topics.


His name is Merlin. He’s a shadow demon and spoiled rotten after only a month and a half. He’s also bonded with Kulu in such a way that suggests he sees the older male cat as a surrogate mother. I’ve never witnessed anything cuter!


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