HELP – Cleaning urine stains from hardwood

As I’ve mentioned time and time before, the house I live in is old. It’s the sort of old where it was built by my great-grandparents and the guest room was my grandpa’s bedroom as a child. (Yet no one knows why there’s that hideous carpet in there. But I digress.)

Over the years of our animal loving family living here, an accident or two hundred were bound to occur from fluffy little bladders. It certainly didn’t help that there’s evidence around the house that someone along the way didn’t do the best job of letting their dog out when it needed to go (aka, scratched up walls and doors and windowsills and carpet and so on).

Now that I’m here with my three little fluffs, I’ve come to realize that Kulu’s the worst trained cat we have.


He has a tendency to urinate wherever he smells urine, not just in a litter box. So, between the previous animals of the house and the old hardwood floors, I’ve been going crazy with this cat. I began researching around a bit and found out that the odd dark spot in the middle of Kulu’s favorite potty party spot is old animal urine. I started taking steps trying to take out the smell by trying this tutorial but things didn’t go exactly how I’d hope.

I started by putting down paper towels and covering them with hydrogen peroxide.

But once a few hours passed and I took the paper towels off, I found that the peroxide pulled the finish from the floor. I’m not completely blaming the peroxide because the finish is on the old side and was already flaking in some places anyways. Apart from that issue, it didn’t help to take out the dark spot or get rid of the urine smell.

Take this as a cry for help.



One thought on “HELP – Cleaning urine stains from hardwood

  1. My oldest pup (9 yrs) has the same problem of going in one particular spot on the wood floors. I haven’t figured out how to fix the floor other than to sand and refinish. I’m sorry! But I definitely know what you’re going through with the peeling.


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