I could be making a very bad decision

I’ve been plotting how best to avenge my lost time from the lengthy ceiling repair. I may be making a mistake, but I’ve decided that I’m going to repair the leaking walls in the breakfast nook and storage room myself. Yeah, I know, it’s crazy.

The guy who was originally going to work on it stopped be a couple days ago and told me that he’s learned that someone actually dug out behind the walls and did the exact thing he was planning on doing just five years ago. So, to me, that sounds like it isn’t where the problem is coming from. This sent me off on a quest to learn what my other options were. After some research and a bit of poking around in the rooms in question, I’ve found that not only is the inside of the wall in the breakfast nook not sealed, but neither rooms have floor edging installed.

The latter was a bit of a eureka moment for me. The last time we had a major downpour, these two rooms leaked and it seemed like all the water was coming from the bottom edge of the walls rather than the walls themselves.


I’m theorizing that I can tear down the sheet rock that’s covering the center blocks in the breakfast nook, seal the wall there as well as in the storage room, and install some edging in order to seal off the leak coming from the soil outside. Additionally, I’m playing with the idea of laying some faux stone tiles on the wall we’re taking the sheet rock off of. My hope is the mortar will add an extra layer of protection against the oncoming floods.

This could be a major waste of time and resources. On the other hand, it may be crazy enough to work.

Either way, it’s an amazing, hands-on learning experience for me.


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