Front rooms renovation, day ten

Now that I have my primer, paint brushes, and everything else I need, I’m severely anxious for the ceiling to be finished. However, it still isn’t!

Tonight’s the night according to the man who has been working on it for the last week and a half. I have a whole run down of when and in what order everything else will need to be done and it completely hinges on this guy sticking to his word. Don’t get me wrong, his work so far is amazing and everyone says he’s the best. However, it’s slightly frustrating when I keep tripping over stacked up furniture or am being woken up by grumpy cats declaring their freedom in order to return to the front of the house.

In the meantime, I’ve been trying to keep myself busy with other tasks such as getting my deadbolts installed — finally. One would think I’d be in a bit more of a rush with this after the meat man incident, however I don’t have the right tools to do it on my own. Since a deadbolt has never been installed in either of the exterior doors before, I required a special attachment on my drill to make the holes in the door and door frame.

A really sweet guy from my grandpa’s lumber mill came out to help me. Seriously, this guy went above and beyond.

The front deadbolt went in without any issues, however once he started working on the side door (an old windowed door leading from the living room out onto our porch) all hell started breaking loose. Not only is the old door thinner and more fragile than the newer one, but it also appears that someone once knocked it in and then hastily repaired the outer edge of it. A strip of wood was attached to the edge of the door, which cracked and splintered under the pressure of the screws and drilling.

Needless to say, it rendered the deadbolt a bit useless was wasn’t the safest door to have on the outside of the house. After working with the door for awhile in attempts to reinforce it, the guy flew off to find a better solution. Honestly, at this point I was a little bummed because I was afraid I’d lose my adorable, antique windowed door. My obsession with natural light is going to get me into trouble one day, I swear!

Before I knew it, he’d returned with a new door. He led me over to the back of his truck to see it and I was beyond ecstatic to see that it was another old, windowed door like the one that was ready to be laid to rest! We hung it up after reaping the old one, switched out the knobs, and reinstalled the deadbolt. It needs a bit of cleaning and some paint, but this door is one handsome gentleman!


To make things even better, I’m left with the old door. Though too broken to use as a secure threshold, it’s still beautiful and can be used in a project or two in order to stay apart of this darling old country home!



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