Hot Mess

To say that Virginia mountain weather is unpredictable is like saying that plants are nice to look at. Although it’s an accurate statement, it doesn’t really cover the insanity that occasionally brings in thundersnow. But with the illness-inducing mood swings of Mother Nature, there’s amazing days that come along.

Which is why I’m sunburned in February.

The out-of-nowhere 70 degree weather (it was literally in the 20s two days before) was the first opportunity the husband and I had to sit out on our porch in our chairs and enjoy our new view. It was the perfect way to celebrate his return from the predictably frozen Rocky Mountains! I couldn’t resist throwing on a tank top and flipflops and working on getting the extensive weeds out of my garden beds. Despite the fact that my mother lectured me my entire life on the importance of sunscreen, the thought to put some on never crossed my mind (not that I could even find any in the half unpacked, half piled up furniture mess that is my home at the moment) especially since it is February. I mean, who gets a sunburn in the mountains in February.

The sun was worth it, though.

And, as my grandpa said when he saw me, I look good with some color in my cheeks.


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