Front rooms renovation, day three

Keeping myself busy while the ceiling is being worked on isn’t the easiest thing in the world. I can’t work in any of the other rooms because I can’t move around in them — everything from the front rooms is piled up to the ceiling!

So in the meantime, I’ve been getting the paint off of the only antique doorknob in that area. (Unfortunately, the knob to the guest bedroom has been replaced with crappy modern one.) Using the instructions I found on Design Sponge, I removed the doorknob from the master bedroom door and began soaking it in an old pot that I’ll be using specifically for doorknob repair as we renovate this crazy house.

I got a little impatient at times and kept poking the paint off with a chopstick. I must say that the pot of hot water method worked amazing! Now to decide if I should paint the back plate darker to match the color of the knobs. I have a little time to decide since I have to take them off again when I finally get to paint the doors.

While I boiled my knobs, I worked on my odd light switch. I bought new plug covers and light switch covers to match the random updated ones in the front rooms. Seriously, who only updates half the covers, leaves some others old, and leaves a few more uncovered? The tricky part came with the double light switch between the front door and one of the front windows. The area is too small for the default size of a switch cover, but the previous (aka old) cover was cut down to fit. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to deal with that noise. I went the simple route and cleaned up the old cover the best I could and slapped on some spray paint that matched the new covers.

It’s not a flawless match, but it could be much worse. I’m willing to do nearly anything to keep busy until we can move onto the next phase of our renovation. Progress makes me happy.



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