Front rooms renovation, day one

Despite my overwhelming discouragement after my last post, the fellow who was going to replace my ceiling did show up! It was already one or two in the afternoon and I had all but given up hope. After working for less than 8 hours, the three man team made some amazing progress! They’ll likely be done in four or five days.

They didn’t take out the original ceiling like I originally thought. Instead they covered the old one (popcorn and all…will that gross texture haunt me from its grave?) with new, fresh sheet rock. They even tried their best to level out the old ceiling’s waves. All that’s really left for them to do is secure a couple more places and smooth it all out.

Then I get my hands on some paint brushes and go to town primer every surface apart from the floor, fireplace, and built-ins in the living room and dining room!

The cats, much to my displeasure, love the plastic wrap.



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