An emoticon would make a better title

I admit, my last written post was a bit weird and ramble-y. Cut me some slack, I was getting sick — hence the lack of written posts since then. Forgive me if this post feels a little jumpy at times as well. I’m baking up a horde of gingerbread men to give to the neighbors. Yes, I realize it’s nearly February and no longer gingerbread season. I don’t care. I love them and didn’t get to make them at Christmas! Plus, my house smells amazing right now.

Illness and gingerbread fiascoes aside, renovations will be beginning soon! Hopefully, at least. Past events have made me slightly wary about setting my heart on any sort of schedule. Okay, slightly is an understatement. I don’t expect the renovations to actually begin for months.

The ball is rolling on them however. After a couple days of being tossed around between different prospective people and a little confusion about who can actually do this sort of work, someone finally came to look at the worst of the damage on the ceiling and the wall in the breakfast nook. (Yes, I’ve now taken to calling the one odd room that I’ve been debating a name on the breakfast nook. Apparently this is what it’s been called for longer than I’ve been alive, so I have no choice in it. Despite the cats’ things in there, it would probably make a lovely breakfast area.) Both projects will require more work to completely repair than I expected, but it’s better to over-do them than under.


The ceiling will probably be the first renovation started. I was expecting the hole to be cut out and patched up at the site of the damage, but there seems to be water damage in other areas of the living room and dining room too. The entire ceiling that covers the two rooms will be removed and replaced. It’s a big job and I’m aware the front rooms will end up disgusting before it’s finished, but I’m excited for it to happen. Not only will that fix the gaping wound, but it also gets the ugly popcorn taken down along with the hideous light fixture in the living room. I’d rather have this disgusting thing missing until I buy a new one rather than staring at me with its gross bird gunk on top.


If this project starts when it’s scheduled, this coming Thursday, then Mister will be coming home to a construction area. That makes me sad since he only had two days here before he flew away for work, and even then everything was in boxes. He never got to see it turn into a comfortable (if still rough looking) home. Also, the idea of the front rooms being worked on is overwhelming because I’ll have to keep the cats locked into the back wing on the house. They’ll still have two rooms to play in, three if I let them into the huge walk-in closet, but I know they love sitting in the windows in the front of the house. I hate the idea of closing them up, even if it’s only for part of the day.

The sagging wall in the breakfast nook is a bigger project than I originally expected, as well.


The damage runs the length of the wall and, shockingly, cannot be repaired with electric tape. On the other side of the wooden wall is dirt halfway up and then a window. According to the person who came to inspect it, the dirt on the other side will have to be dug out and sheet rock will need to be hung. It’ll take some time to complete this, and my poor kittens will have to be locked away again. However, it’s important to the structural integrity of this old house that this issue gets put right.

Although I feel as if I’m looking down the barrel of months upon months of construction, it will likely go by quicker than I expect. That is, once it gets started. I am excited, however, to know that these great changes are inbound!


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