Unpacking Progress

Not only did my husband get out of packing up our last place, but the jerk managed to weasel his way out of unpacking this one. As if I’m going to believe that his being suddenly shipped back out to Utah right after us moving in was simply a coincidence!

Okay, it was a coincidence. It still sucks, though. We have a lot of things.

Here it is, a week after moving day and I have almost everything unpacked. I’ve at least managed to make the front rooms presentable enough for guests. However, the deeper someone travels into the house, the more terrified they should be. The guest room, the closet, and the storage room are still packed with boxes.

I have yet to be able to start the renovating — there’s still a lovely hole in the ceiling — but hopefully I’ll be able to start the process of updating this old home soon. Also, due to the recent snow, I haven’t been able to hang any curtains in the front rooms. I actually have curtains already for a couple of the other rooms, so I have no excuse apart from laziness there.

Take a gander at my one week progress!


Okay so the office (the last set of pictures) is shameful….and has a Christmas tree in the corner, but at least the other rooms I’m willing to take pictures of are respectable. It’ll only get better from here!


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