Inspiration Has Struck!

I decided from the start that I’d wait until I was in the house with curtains taken down and natural light streaming in before I would consider any color schemes. I wanted to be sure that the colors would actually work in the space.

After a few days here, I know exactly how I want to paint my front two rooms! My living room and dining room share one long wall that will need to be painted a single color all the way apart, making decorating slightly tricky. But, by George, I’ve got it!


I found this painting while cleaning out some cabinets in one of the rooms. I fell in love with it as soon as I laid eyes on it! The blues, the golds…the colors! With the right shades and the right decorations, this color scheme is perfect for an updated country home.


Here is a very rough layout of my front two rooms. The brown rectangle is where the fireplace and bookshelves are, so there will be no paint needed there (although I have special plans for that bookcase). I’ll reveal the exact shades once I’ve finished painting, but I’m too excited not to give vague ideas.

The long wall that runs along both rooms will be a darker (but not too dark blue). The two other walls in the living room will be a warm tan and the two other walls in the dining room will be a light green. The window treatments will be a golden brown and off white.

I have to wait until I’m done with the ceiling — and what a project that’ll be! — before I can start painting the walls, but I’m hoping to be able to buy the curtains within the next few weeks. It’s a bit disconcerting to sit in the living room with the giant picture window when I’m right next to a major road. A little privacy will be nice.


2 thoughts on “Inspiration Has Struck!

    • The paint really should wait until after I finish the ceiling, and I can’t start the ceiling until the hole is fixed. But I love the idea of getting a new mailbox and at least looking at fabrics!


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