Clean, clean, clean

So, I’ve been obsessively cleaning this old house for a few days at this point in attempts to have it livable by the time our things arrive.

I’m about to the point of no hope.

I’ve tried several of those cleaning techniques on Pinterest but nothing works as good as they claim they do. Of course, they’re probably cleaning things that have been wiped down once or twice in the past three years. I, on the other hand, am trudging through grimy hell.

Let’s start with my stove top. Burnt on gunk and discoloration.


I gave this technique a whirl and there is some improvement. I’m hoping that if I clean them often enough, it’ll chip away at the super stubborn bits.



One of the real terrors to clean was inside the stove. I’m not sure what happened there or how long ago, but it was hideous in there! Those weak of heart and stomach, look away.


I put off this task more than any other. Finally, I sucked it up and stuck my head in the oven…you know, to clean it. I gave this method a shot and, apart from the glass on the door, it did pretty good.


For the glass, I ended up mixing water and baking soda to form a paste and then spread that evenly across. I then poured on about a tablespoon or so of white vinegar and tossed on a few tablespoons of salt. I scrubbed it all together and then smoothed it evenly. After letting it set about ten minutes or more, I scrubbed it off. It’s not perfect. Or even mediocre. Hell, it’s still disgusting. But, like with the stove top, I’m hoping that if I do this often enough I can get it looking decent again.


Also, I soaked the racks in hot water, white vinegar, and a bit of blue Dawn in my tub. That worked pretty good.



Speaking of my tub….

I had to soak and scrub that horrendous thing twice and those weird blue marks and other stains still never went away. I’m planning on eventually painting and putting up tile anyways, but I’d love for it to at least look clean! To return the grout from the black mold mess it was back to white, I used toilet bleach. The thick kind with the nozzle that makes it easier to apply. It worked perfectly and quickly!


If I test out any other cleaning methods, I’ll do my best to remember to take before and after pictures.


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