Before there was internet…

Here it is nearly two in the morning and I’m sitting in my dining room, in the dark, writing on my laptop, with no internet.

I’ve slept a night and a half in our new home (for those unaware, I’ve been at the new place on my own in order to clean it in preparation for us to move our things in) and already things have taken a turn for the loopy.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still excited to be in this place (despite a few scenes from Funny Farm or The Money Pit dancing across my mind at times). I’m content wearing myself down to the nubs of my soul to clean the mouse droppings, bird nests, and whatever else I’ve come across here. However, I’m not so content finding out that my husband will be leaving for another business trip in less than a week.

Let me lay this out for you. I’m currently writing this in the wee hours of January 29th. This will likely be posted to the site on the 30th or 31st, depending on the internet fellow coming to install it. We are officially moving our metric crap ton of things into the house on the 2nd. My husband leaves for Utah on the 4th…and will be gone until February 1st.

I’m not even sure if it’s been two months since he’s been back.

As soon as he first told me back in October that his company wanted to send him across country to train at other sites, I knew that it wouldn’t be the last time. However, I expected it would be closer to spring or summer time before they sent him out again. Then, right before Christmas, he warned me that the Vice President of the company hinted that he may be needed back in Utah soon. After expressing in so many words that they can’t keep waiting until the last minute before letting Mister know when he’s going (the did this last time, too), the VP called a meeting and gave him the date. The less than a week from now date.

What the frack.

I was hoping for a little time for us to unpack and find a routine in our new life here – especially after all the chaos of the past few months. We went from Mister having to go to Utah with short notice to being evicted to moving our things out to a few different locations to having to crash with the father-in-law to being split up while he works and I prep the new house to him having to leave on short notice again. There’s been no time to simply breathe.

I want a boring life for a week, damn it!

Plus I get puffy when I stress out. Right now I look like a damn Himalayan cat. But a grumpy one that glares at everything.


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