New Home Tour!


Finally, I’m in our new home (minus all of our things) with internet! Let me show off this darling country home.

The place is fully furnished — I believe this is because no one wanted to take most of this hideous stuff with them. Some of the things left behind have real potential, however. The house as a whole, actually, is full of untapped potential and needs some major TLC. It’s been awhile since someone has lived in it and it’s starting to get a tad rundown…not to mention dirty. Before taking these pictures, I had already stayed in the house a night and began the cleaning (and curtain removal) process.

Let’s begin our tour in the living room:

Dirty, dingy, ugly curtains, gross furniture, bird’s nest on the ceiling fan, bullet hole in the window. That list just kept getting worse, didn’t it? And, no, I’m not sure if that’s actually a bullet hole. That’s simply what people have kept calling it. According to my mom, it actually has been there since she lived here…which was when I was less than a tot. It’s odd to think that I’ve actually lived here before. Despite all the creepy and gross, this living room is packed with potential. There’s a giant window in addition to a normal sized one and a window in the side door, all of which allows ample natural light into this room. The gorgeous fireplace has a decent sized mantle. The bookshelf and cabinet next to the fireplace will be welcomed storage. Plus, there’s that cute little white piece of furniture that my mom told me used to be an old filing cabinet. I’m not sure about that, but with some love, paint, and wood glue it’s going to look perfect in this old home.

Off of the living room is the guest bedroom. Simple and on the smaller side. The bed frame is decent, the mattress is surprisingly comfortable, the room stays very warm despite the winter temperatures outside, and it comes complete with a disgusting old armchair.

On the other side of the fireplace is our dining room. As amazing as this room is, it will also take a lot of work to fix up. Right above the front door, the ceiling is beginning to fall in a bit. The popcorn is falling off other places of the ceiling, which is fine by me due to the fact that I’m going to scrape all of it off as soon as that hole gets patched. There are two windows, one broken, that allow light in and gorgeous french doors that only need repair to one pane of glass. A nice dark hutch is sitting in this room and Mister and I plan on making it our bar. The dining room table (hidden under all of the things I have yet to unpack) is pretty large, in good condition, and works great in the room. The chairs, however, are going to hit the curb as soon as I get my hands on some new ones. I’m planning on hitting as many yard sales as possible this spring in order to find chairs that go well with each other but don’t quite match — inspired by Monica’s dining room set from Friends.

I have no idea why someone hung a leather scented car tree from one of the vents. It’s weird, I agree.

Through the french doors is another room that will require a fair amount of work. The dry wall is sagging along one wall and someone tried to slow the work of gravity and time with painting tape. I can only sigh and shake my head sometimes. The washer is here, cutting right into the only path to the bathroom. But there is a nice window for plants. Oh, and there’s another door hidden behind those cabinets.

I need to come up with a name for this room. I have no idea what to even do with it. Right now I have the cat things in there but I would love to give it more of a purpose down the road.

Off of this unnamed room is the super tiny and only bathroom in the house. Despite its size, I will say that the use of space here isn’t too horrible. It desperately needs new paint and some tile put around the shower. Whoever painted this room before did a horrible job in both picking the color and completing the job. It’s the ugliest shade of forest green I’ve ever seen.

Also off of the unnamed room is a storage room. Here we can find the dryer and the hot water heater, along with a broken doorknob that makes me feel like I’ve going to get locked in and a light with no light switch. I’m going to spend a decent amount of time cleaning this room up and converting it into a pantry as well as storage for large kitchen appliances and cleaning products. A dehumidifier is going to go a long way in this dingy room.

Moving on to the tiny kitchen. I love cooking and baking, and initially I was nervous about the size of this room. However, as long as there is only one person in there (so no over-the-shoulder-cooking for my husband!) then it’s the perfect size. I’m actually fond of the white cabinets, although they need new hardware. The counter tops could use some painting and I’d love to see some backsplash put up. Eventually, I plan on installing some pull out drawers in the bottom cabinets because those suckers are surprisingly deep.

I was thrilled to find these old green owl salt and pepper shakers! How darling are those!

The master bedroom, which comes off the dining room was being inhabited by a massive king size bed when I was taking these pictures. It made the room feel claustrophobic and blocked the only window in the room. I’ve got to have my natural light!

There’s a dresser in the room but I’ve yet to decide if I want to keep it or not. Currently, we don’t have a dresser but this one needs a good wipe down as well as some repair to most of the tracks. I do love the color, however, and that may be the only reason I’m considering trying to fix it. Another great find in this house is this little white table. I’m planning on using it in our entryway. It’s a great size and is in good condition.

Past the bedroom is another room. This could be another bedroom, an office, a nursery. We may even make it the master bedroom and do something different with what we are currently using as the bedroom. However, it will stay rather barren of uses until we get the electric looked at. Only two rooms in the house have the older sockets, this one and the next one I’m showing.

Beyond the fire risk is a giant walk in closet. Seriously, the pictures don’t do it justice. It could be another bedroom, to be honest. Currently it has a long rod that is suspended in the middle by a bent up clothes hanger attached to a hook in the ceiling. There are also two smaller closets in here, one with another rod and the other has shelves. Obviously, someone used to keep their pet in there and there’s a bit of damage I’ll need to repair. There’s also been some water damage at some point but I don’t think that’s recent. I need to double check, but I’m pretty sure I was told the roof has been repaired since this occurred.

It won’t be too much longer until we get our own things in here and can begin the fun unpacking process. That wasn’t sarcasm — I actually enjoy unpacking and decorating when I first move into a home! Keep your eyes open for more posts. You can also follow me on Instagram and Snapchat (with the username bethdotlove for both) to keep up with my projects as I do them.


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