A turn of events

After the tumble down the rabbit hole, I’m having difficulty believing that any decent opportunity to come along is legitimate. It’s as if I’m concerned that in getting my hopes up, I’m giving the world too much of a chance to rip away the positive spark and knock me flat on my back again.

I don’t want to live like this.

I’m a freaking positive person.

I need my positive thoughts.

On that note, there is a good opportunity that has been offered to me. I say “to me” rather than “to us” because my husband is acting like the offer was designed to ruin his life and make him miserable. In his defense, his optimism wasn’t one of his defining features before this recent punch in the face by Douchelord of the Blue Ridge. He feels that any transition in lifestyle quality we make right now rather than up is the end of any progress we make. However, the move out of our last place wiped us out financially and it’s likely that we may need to take a short hiatus from the lifestyle we’ve grown accustomed to build ourselves back up before moving forward. I like the think that the logic in this is easy to see.

So that brings me to this happy-for-anyone-who-isn’t-Jesse situation. I received a phone call from my mom telling me that my grandma is getting out of the hospital (yay), however she and my grandpa both require some nursing care alongside of someone to help take care of their home. As someone who worked as a nurses’ aid for a couple years and was nearing graduation in nursing school before an illness forced her to dropout, I’m not shy about doing basic nurse tasks. Plus, I’ve been in charge of cleaning my own household for years so I think I have that skill set covered.

But, wait! That’s not all!

I need to stop with the radio announcer voice.

In addition to a job that doesn’t exactly offer shabby pay, my grandparents are offering to set my husband and me up in a home they rent out. It’s next door to their home so I would be able to walk to work and they wouldn’t charge us rent — we’d only be responsible for utilities.

So a second income, no commute cost for one person, and a rent free home? Why does Mister have such an issue with this plan?

For one thing, the commute for him would be nearing an hour. Considering that he already runs late for work nearly every day, adding that extra time wouldn’t be a good situation. Another issue is that it’s a small, older home — the man counterpart of my team hates old houses with a passion that would surprise anyone. The electric work is a little sketchy and the internet connection is bad. There wouldn’t be a lot of room for us to grow as a family and barely even enough room for us to fit our furniture in. Although it’s a cute home, it needs a lot of work.

I’m completely content to put in what work I can do on my own, especially since it’s a rent free home. But the rest of it limits the life expectancy of our living situation there. I’d like to think we can take a year and save up. We could then take on the search for a new home with some extra money in the bank for deposits and whatnot, and even get that whole second vehicle situation sorted. Jesse, on the other hand, abhors the idea of staying there for that long.

The best agreement I would get out of him was a four month stay and then we would reevaluate our situation. That man makes me so frustrated that I could beat him in the head with a coconut.

Despite the overwhelming prospect of moving again in the next year, there are some positives in this situation. A crap ton of positives, actually. As scary as it may be, let’s dwell on them for a moment.

  • A decent home for only the price of utilities. (Most people wouldn’t need anymore than this, but we’ll keep going.)
  • A job with decent pay and no commute apart from a nice, uphill walk.
  • Projects. So many projects. Projects to research. Projects to write about. I love interior design and this is such a fun opportunity to find the right vibe for this house and not be so concerned about what my grumpy husband wants. He doesn’t have to like it. He doesn’t want to live there long term anyways. Once we move out, I want to be able to offer my grandparents an improved property that they’ll be proud to rent out.
  • I’ll be closer to my family. They’re crazy, but I’ve missed them. This bullet point has a deeper layer to it, too. We were starting to worry that we may have to move out of state to be able to afford a place up to the standards we wanted. This new situation gives us the opportunity to not have to do that. We can save and have more time to explore our options.

As much as I appreciate my in-laws for letting us stay with them, it’ll be nice to have a bit more room (and hot water). Now to set a moving date!

Note: I’m afraid to set a date. Last time we set a moving day, we were screwed. See what I mean about losing my ability to think positive? My sunshine disposition needs to return. I’m a withering plant now. Poor wilting blooms. 


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