Emotionless Planning

Today’s Goals:

  • Find information about each prospective place Mister can transfer to through his work. Learn about the area, how his wages will change, and what sort of budget we’ll need.
  • Continue to dig through rental properties close to home. Weigh out their cost in addition to Mister’s commute cost.
  • Refocus my efforts on my novel. My work came to a halt when we first received our thirty day notice. Since we’re not sure when we’ll be in a steady situation again, might as well try and work through the chaos. (Maybe even find inspiration from it.)
  • Start working towards receiving more products to review (in attempts to help focus on writing again).
  • Create a meal plan that will require minimal cooking but will still be healthy. We have a fridge in our bedroom right now, and can potentially get our microwave out of storage. I want to do what I can to make our stay here as little of an inconvenience on my father-in-law as possible, especially since I’m not sure how long we’ll have to stay.
  • Figure out a special meal I can make as a thank you to Mister’s family for all the help they’ve given through this hard time. This is a difficult task since these guys are allย very picky eaters. Looks like I’ll have to dig through my bag of tricks…the one where I store all of my secrets of how to cook almost healthy, low preservative meals that taste as if they’ll smother you in fat and love.
  • Set alarms to remind me to drink water again. My meal schedule, water schedule, and sleeping schedule have all gone out the window. Without them my body is falling apart and trying to put itself back together with fat. I don’t even want to admit how much weight I’ve put on simply from over-stressing and under-hydrating.
  • Plan how to get the last of our things out of the house (the one we will no longer be able to rent due to the Douchelord. Seriously, why bother promising us the place then going back on his word? We could have been spending that time looking for a legitimate property rather than helping him fix up that one.)
  • Laundry, litter box, get dressed.ย Who am I kidding with that one?
  • Make peace with the situation.



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