Dandelion Herbology

As part of my summer initiative to bring new content to the blog, I’ll be doing both an herbology and an herbal remedy series. I cannot emphasize enough how important research is for anyone interested in getting involved in foraging and herbology. Please, dive deep into research and make sure sure you have several resources and verified that you are harvesting the correct thing.

Dandelions are the perfect plant to start with. Not only are they very beneficial to the body, but they’re also extremely recognizable. Below is a picture of one right outside my house plus the sketch I have in my personal herbology book. I’ll follow the pictures with the entry I have written in my hand written foraging book.

Dandelions are the perfect plant for the beginning forager to seek out. Though considered a noxious weed by most, they can be used for food and medicinal treatment. The root, leaves, and flowers are all usable. The roots are good for cleaning the blood, among other things, and have a nutty taste. Dandelion leaves are one of the most nutritious greens around – low calorie, nutrient rich, and cleansing. They are full of vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, iron, and more. The flowers are good as a natural sweetener. They can also be used in syrups, jellies, and more.

Look-alikes, such as catsear, are edible but aren’t as beneficial.

As I go forward in my herbal remedies series, I’ll explore different recipes that use the different parts of the dandelion plant.


4 thoughts on “Dandelion Herbology

  1. This year I decided I wanted to do some things with dandelions and then I found this post! Perfect timing! I was hoping to try making some wine but I might look into other things now. BTW, found your blog through your gaming channel. I’m glad to see another minecraft/simmer!


    • I love making things with dandelions! This was the first year I made the jelly and it tastes so much like honey! Last year I made the syrup several times and put it in sweet tea.

      I’m glad you’re enjoying the channel, too. I still have lots of kinks to work out with it but I’m getting there.

      I really appreciate you stopping by and leaving a comment! You’ve brought a smile to my face šŸ˜€


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