GlamVoxBox Reviews

Influenster knocked it out of the park once again with the GlamVoxBox. Of course, some of the products weren’t the best I’ve ever tried but the whole package was fun, exciting, and a blast.

I’m not redundant. Never.


When I got into the shower with my Venus Swirl razors and Venus Cashmere shave gel, I was expecting a very average shaving experience. Sure, the flexi-ball in the razor looked impression and the head had a significant amount of swivel and there were more blades than I was used to, but how different could this razor really be. To put my experience simply, it didn’t even feel like I was shaving. Even my underarms and knees didn’t feel a bit of burn. The violet scented shave gel only made it better. The touch of Olay allowed my skin to feel so hydrated that I didn’t have to immediately run and put on lotion or risk the feeling of my skin slitting open—you know the feeling! I was definitely impressed and would buy both of these products again.


The Cutex Advanced Revival nail polish remover pads were the biggest surprise out of this box. The Cutex box I received had 3 individually packaged pads soaked with acetone remover plus  botanical oils. These little pads boasted that they could clean all ten nails with only one pad. I didn’t believe it one bit. And then I tried them. And they rocked my socks. They cleaned all then of my nails plus the horribly chipped polish left on my toes with room to spare on the pad. To my surprise, not only were these pads powerful, but they didn’t leave chemical burns on me. Typically, acetone causes my skin to blister—I was being super brave and using my own discretion when testing these products—but these Advanced Revival cleaning pads left my nails feeling healthy and my skin perfectly normal. I was incredibly impressed with this product.


Next up was probably the biggest disappointment in the GlamVoxBox: Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Refreshing Dry Shampoo. I was so excited to try out this product because I have super oily hair but have to space out my washings due to my super purple color. I’ve been using a homemade powder for dry shampoo (I’ll probably post the recipe later this summer) that I really enjoy, but a spray would be way more convenient. Not Your Mother’s claims to absorb excess oil and add fresh volume without leaving residue. Although there was a noticeable difference in the volume, it did not do anything to absorb the oil in my hair. Mister even gave it a try and his opinion was that it would be good for an emergency, like being snowed in at work, but he wouldn’t use it in any other situation.



I’m honestly not sure why this staple of a product was in this box, (perhaps just to stay relevant) but I had the opportunity to try out precision tip Q-tips. The tips were soft and the sticks were sturdy. I prefer using them for creating nice clean lines with my makeup—everyone knows how much I love my eyeliner. They’re also great for getting into small spaces, like cleaning the grout between tile and between the keys of a keyboard.


So there’s three parts to this review, because I received three separate testers from SheaMoisture. All three products were frankincense and myrrh scented and made with raw shea butter. The first tester I tried was the Cleanse & Smooth Facial Wash & Scrub. It was a creamy consistency with little red beads that, in combination with the white soap, reminded me of peppermints. It didn’t smell like peppermints, though. The frankincense and myrrh scent was pleasant if a little strong. The scrub was slightly exfoliating and still managed to leave my skin feeling soft. The second tester I tried was the Healing & Hydrating Anti-Aging Facial Mask. This was probably my favorite item out of the set and the only one I would consider purchasing. The scent was more subtle and the product was super creamy. It was heavier than a lotion but lighter than a clay mask and as it dried it became clearer until it was only visible at the parts were it was applied the thickest. when I rinsed it off, my skin felt amazingly smooth. The third tester was probably my least favorite item out of the set: the Firm & Rejuvenate Anti-Aging Moisturizer. It was far too thick for a moisturizer and felt as if it sat on top of my skin rather than soaking in to, you know, moisturize it. It’s so heavy that I won’t be surprised if I end up breaking out from it.


Thanks again to Influenster and all of these brands for this fun VoxBox. I always love reviewing products! Click the icon below or in my sidebar to learn more about Influenster!

I received these items for complimentary testing purposes from Influenster. All opinions presented in this article or on my social media are my own.

Click the icon above or in my sidebar to learn more about Influenster!



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