A Day in the Life of a Nerd Wife

As promised, here is my day in the life post!


9:30 am, Monday March 21, 2016 – Ooops! Off to a late start today! Once again, I had trouble sleeping last night and paid the consequences of my overactive brain this morning. Immediately fed the fur babies, made a large pot of coffee, woke up my laptop, and then headed outside where I immediately froze. What’s up with this 40 degree weather?! It was spring and warm and lovely, but now it has dropped back down. I still have to care for my plants though, so I work on making sure they have everything they need.

10:00 – Since it rained over the weekend, I had it relatively easy in regards to caring for my plants. Most of the work consisted of moving my container garden around in order for certain plants to get more or less sun, and some either had to be moved inside or back outside in order to compensate for this past rain or the current drop in temperature. Finished with being a popsicle, I head inside to start the next step of my day. I wake up the main computer (as opposed to my laptop), and upload, tag, and fill in the info for the edited video that will be going up on my channel today.

10: 10 – Now I get to sit down at my desk and begin my “real” work for the day. With a cup of coffee in hand, I begin refreshing session I already have pulled up on my laptop in order to see what I missed yesterday. Nothing, because Sundays in gaming news suck. Time to find something to write about on this slow Monday…

10:20 – Mister sticks his head out of the bedroom as he tries to wake up. Poor kid is adjusting to a brand new work schedule and he’s had to alter his sleep schedule around it. He’s planted himself on the couch and started snoozing. It’s distracting, but at least he’s slowly waking up. During this time, I’m searching for news to write about and doing what I can to promote Pixel Dynamo, my YouTube, this blog, and whatever else I have going on. Damn, I wear a lot of hats.

11:00 – Crap, I just realized that I’ve been forgetting to enter a name in the “game” field of all my videos for the past week or so. I move over to the main computer and get that taken care of.

11:05 – Turns out I hadn’t been doing that since the beginning of the month. Luckily, it’s a quick fix. Back to news digging for a bit while trying to encourage the Mister to wake up and get dressed. Poor guy is seriously tired.

11:55 – It’s another slow Monday. No news big enough to write an article on yet. Maybe some food will fuel my inspiration? Time to cook up a spinach omelet.

12:15 – Mister heads out the door and I renew my title as Queen of the Forgotten Laundry. I toss the towels I washed last night into the dryer and then get back to work, sipping on the last bits of my now cold coffee. I decide to go back to an earlier bit of information I found about an indie title and get to…oh, someone’s already working on that. Damn you, amazing staff, for being so on top of things and making it difficult for me to find stories! Should’ve acted on it when I first saw it. Opt for a story on a re-release of a game instead.

12:25 – Article one is underway. Updating PD’s Trello board. Opening up the admin WordPress. Begin typing. Editing Images. Sourcing links. Adding Tags.

1:45 – Staring at my computer in silence with post-article mind numb. Still have one more to write. I’ve decided to go outside and move around plant pots instead. I’m rather concerned about how this funky weather is going to affect my newly planted friends.

2:20 – Found the subject of my next news article. I’m relieved that it’s an indie title. I love shedding the light on those gems.

2:30 – With some nice, cold water by my side, I begin article two.

3:20 – I decide to pause when I’m nearly done with the article to attempt to contact the developer. Maybe I can get a price that hasn’t been announced? That’s part of the beauty of indie devs—easy to reach. I’ll just use the waiting time to get together some other information for the article, such as tags, images, and the what nots.

3:30 – I’ll give the devs two more minutes to respond before I send the article to my editors. I searched through a bunch of comments and I think I have my answer despite them not responding to a tweet within 20 minutes. Hey, the world of the news is pretty fast paced after all.

3:35 – Okay, I gave them five. The post has been sent to the editors but I can still edit in their answer (given that if I didn’t get it right on my own) if they reply before the editors can get to it. Now my day at PD is complete and I shall move on to the next bit of work I have to do. I have to check my schedule and plan a little in my head because this part of my day tends to be in flux.

3:40 – I head to the bathroom to put on my makeup. I didn’t get the time to do it yesterday, so I’m stuck filming an unboxing video on top of everything else I have planned for this Monday. Ugh, curse you past Beth.

4:05 – Found myself wandering around and getting little things done halfway through finishing my makeup. I look derpy but it’s at least finished enough to record the video. Now I have to to get dressed and straighten my hair.

4:15 – BAM! Now time to set up the lighting and camera. That means set up a really bright desk lamp on top of a popcorn tin and rig my cellphone up to an old tripod. Yeah, I’m fabulous. Oh, and Felicia Day just liked my tweet about her book review. Yeah, I’m especially fabulous today.

4:25 – I’m finally done setting up. I’m going to give a new spot a try. I’m not sold on it because of the background but the lighting is worlds better. Check out my Influenster unboxing and tell me what you think!

4:35 – Short and sweet and to the point. Man, can I talk fast. But at least now I have that done. Now I have to edit and upload it. After uploading it I have to put it in a post on here and then share it and update my Influenster tasks for it. So, off to do that plus break down my recording set-up.

5:05 – Editing is finished and now I have to wait for it to save. While I wait for that, I start working on dinner: a couple of baked potatoes from the microwave. They’re quick and easy and I need that on Mondays.

5:10 – Video is ready to upload so I get that started while I wait for my food to heat up.

5:20 – I sit down to eat dinner. This is the closest thing to a break I get from the time I wake up until the time I sit in bed to wind down. Even still, I’m likely to edit while I’m eating (today is an example of that).

5:50 – I’ve finished dinner and now am committing fully to finishing the video I’ve been editing while eating.

6:20 – The two part video is finished editing and saved in preparation for tomorrow. Now I need to prepare my voice and get hyped up because I need to record a video for Wednesday. Yes, my life involves a lot of planning ahead. A spoon of honey and some more cold water and it’s time to get rolling. Get it? Rolling? ‘Cause I’m recording something? I’m sorry.

6:50 – Recording is complete! Now I move on to the least favorite part of my day: cleaning. First off is dishes. Boo.

7:20 – Having a sink empty of dishes is like getting a really difficult Xbox achievement—it usually takes months of dedication and it feels oh so good. Today, I did not have that wonderful feeling. But at least the dishes are done. Now, since no one else is home to bog the internet down, I will give my Twitch stream another test. I have yet to get it to work appropriately.

8:10 – Well, I worked with it until the neighbor that we share our internet connection with came home. The stream quality is definitely better but it isn’t at all good. Still more work to be done there. For now, I must vacuum.

8:20 – I then had to change my clothes because I emptied the bag and dust covered my shirt. My allergies will not tolerate such nonsense. After that I wash my hands and get to work on some artisan bread. I have no idea what Mister will want to cook when he gets home so this recipe is my easy go-to.

8:40 – While that is rising for two hours, I slowly give in to the process of winding down while also working on a script for a very special project airing in a couple weeks. Yes, I can wind down and work at the same time. I’m an elf, you know.

9:30 – Okay, forget winding down. I’ve been working on the script for that special something and I need to record it right now.

9:50 – Now I’ll wind down. I’ll just triple check my calendar and keep brainstorming ideas and the like until the bread is done and I can head off to bed. This is my life.

I do a large variety of work from day to day. Sometime I bake more, sometimes I write more for PD or for myself or the blog, sometimes I clean more, sometimes I’m outside more, sometimes I’m recording or editing more. You get the idea. However, the twelve hour day is very much normal for me, if not on the lighter side.

I hope everyone has enjoyed this fragment of a glimpse into my life!


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