Hard Candy Brows Now! Review

So, funny story. I’m actually very lucky that I have visible eyebrows. My brother doesn’t have any and my mom’s are tattooed on because the sparse hairs are so light. Because of my natural dark-blonde color, my brows are actually lighter than my dyed hair – and obviously don’t match the current purple – and are rather sparse on both ends. However, regular pencil liners look rather gaudy on me because you can very clearly see the pencil on my skin. It doesn’t matter how much I blend, it still looks like I’m a five year old playing with my mother’s makeup.

The first time I tried Hard Candy Brows Now!, my husband looked over at me and said something along the lines of “Huh, you actually look like you have human eyebrows.” Thanks, man. The reason this kit worked so well on me is that before applying the powder, you apply a wax to your eyebrow hairs. This allows the powder to grab onto your hair rather than sitting on your skin, darkening and thickening your actual eyebrows.

The Hard Candy Brows Now! kit includes wax brush, powder brush, brow powder duo, soft brow wax, brow highlighter, and it even has a mirror in the case! This has become a necessity in my routine, even if I don’t have time for any other bit of makeup.


2 thoughts on “Hard Candy Brows Now! Review

  1. Oh I hate my eyebrows so much. One eyebrow looks good, but the other one… just always looks bad lol I’m glad you liked this kit. I have a kit too, from NYX I think it is. I love it! I use a brow pencil too. I like the combo of both the kit and pencil together.


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