Maybelline Color Tattoo Leather Review

Do you know that clump of mascara on the end of the brush? That’s what I used as eye shadow in high school. I was obsessed with the heavy eye look, but knew nearly nothing about makeup. I would try to watch makeup tutorials, but they were overwhelming and sounded like gibberish to me. Seriously, what beginner in makeup has all those brushes? And how am I supposed to know one type of powder from another? Why is that type of eye shadow better than the dollar store variety I bought on a whim? What I did know was that regular eye shadow creased up on me, if I would even wear it out of the house. With my novice hand, eye shadow always seems to look like it’s standing on the corner of barely visible and gaudy.

I didn’t learn too much about how to apply eye shadow until about six months ago. I’ve been doing Influenster for over a year now and I figured they would eventually send me an eye shadow pallet, so I decided to give tutorials another shot. Tutorials by people who don’t do makeup professionally, like Meg Turney’s glam eyes tutorial, helped bring the knowledge down to a level I could comprehend.

Maybelline Color Tattoo Leather captures that heavy, thick look that I love. My husband was actually the one who spotted it and convinced me to give it a shot.

I opened up the container and stared at it with a clueless expression. I only recently began learning about eye shadows, and this was something completely new! After a bit of research – okay, hours – I found out that it was a thick, creamy eye color. I saw how it should be blended and what should be used to blend it.

I grabbed my short and chubby brushes (in relation to the above picture, the top brush is used to apply and the bottom is used to blend) and began working to learn how to use the newest addition to my arsenal. For makeup novices like myself, I recommend blending a little bit of this at a time because it sets very quickly. You can layer it on for a very dark look or use it as a sort of dark primer for powder. I did the latter for the above picture, applying silver on the inside of the lid and purple on the outside and blending. If you have a super thin brush on hand, you can even use this product as an eyeliner. However, after attempting this I found that it smudged and wore off quicker than my Rimmel London Scandaleyes (review can be found on my old blog).

What surprised me the most about this product was there was no creasing after 12+ hours of wearing it. That’s with no touch-ups or anything. Color Tattoo Leather has officially become a part of my arsenal, attributing to a lighter everyday wear and a heavier on-camera look.


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