Pixel Dynamo

I almost got up in the middle of the night to write this. I had been asleep for about three hours, woke up and checked my phone, and then my body was like “Hope you enjoyed your nap, now get to work!”

What had me so tense? My first article with Pixel Dynamo went up.

When I sent out my most recent batch of applications, Pixel Dynamo was one of those applications that made me think, “Well, this is a waste of my time. I’ll never hear back from these people. I’m too green.” But maybe, just maybe, they’ll be having a desperate day or someone would be feeling a little generous.

Then, after getting the other responses, I received an email from Pixel Dynamo. We set up (what I believed to be) a video interview and I anxiously waited for their call. I set up lighting and tried to look as professional as I could, but when my Skype rang on my phone, their video didn’t come up.

“You’re coming through a bit quiet,” I stuttered as I panicked and tried to get my phone off of its rig and to my face. It wasn’t a video call, it was a normal call. I sighed a sigh of relief and shut off the bright light.

After the editor-in-chief had been talking for 15 minutes straight (I love long-winded people—it takes the pressure off of me and my social anxiety) I slowly began to realize that this wasn’t an interview. They already wanted me to do the introductory bit of writing for their company. I was dumbfounded but there wasn’t a chance I was going to question it.

More waiting passed, thanks to my lovely internet outage, until I was finally able to get things set up and begin writing my first piece. It took me about two hours to write a news article that should’ve only taken me half an hour max. Not only was I combing through comments looking for information, but I was also amazingly gun-shy. Besides the patch I wrote about, the only other gaming news that caught my attention was the Hitman beta. It had its normal fresh beta bug issues, but didn’t blow up computers so no news there.

I forced myself to finally send it in. The editor who was stuck with it didn’t even rip it to shreds! However, I did make some mistakes that made me facepalm…and others that made me want to slam my head into my desk, such as misspelling Lara Croft’s name. I knew that, but for some reason in my anxiety it slipped through the cracks of my brain.

Now I’m stalking the internet like it’s my prey, hoping to take down the next juicy piece of news. Because anything slightly old—and by that I mean more than 24 hours—has already been picked up by Pixel Dynamo’s amazing team. Even when I found something I thought was slightly obscure, I searched the site and bam there it was from 10 hours ago.

Let’s hope that today goes a bit smoother than yesterday, and tomorrow is even better. I really want to make myself a valuable part of this team.


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