Riley, the Elven Archer

If I were to make my own role-playing character…

First off, holy f there’s a lot of character sheets out there! Sifting through them to find a simple fantasy character seemed impossible. It was overwhelming and really drove home how hard it would be to get into any sort of role-playing game (despite how much I would like to). So, basically, I decided to say screw it and simply write a character profile and leave the levels, etc for a later time. Hopefully I’ll be able to expand upon it later!

Riley Xiloscient, a purple haired elven rogue, can be found in the shady corner of the local tavern. To the unfamiliar observer, Riley could be assumed to be the typical cutpurse that frequents this type of establishment. However, if she were to ever let her defenses down to someone (which would seem to be very unlikely due to her secretive nature), they would learn that she is quite a bit different than how she appears.

Originally from a small farm, the curvy archer was raised in a home where she would hunt her food and cook it too. Both of her parents were out of the picture years ago, leaving Riley alone while the farm lands fell fallow. Months before her twenty-first birthday, she grew sick of the loneliness and set off on her own with nothing but her bow on her back and a little bit of spare food in her pack.

Little did Riley realize that shuffling around a crowded town could make her feel even more lonely than the desolate farm. There isn’t exactly opportunity for hunting, so occasionally she has to nick a bit of food to get by. Besides survival, she doesn’t like to steal – but she still will – and refuses to steal from people who need it the most.

So after 200 years of life on her own, she sits in this tavern, eavesdropping on her fellow patrons’ conversations hoping to hear of someone needing a hand. Someone willing to pay, that is. She is currently accepting jobs, although no murdering and nothing too sketchy. Beyond that, she’ll likely accept.

I also love the idea of a dwarven cleric. Is that a thing, though? Once I find out more I may write a back story for her as well.


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