Desperation = Published Writer

Nearly two weeks ago, I was deep into filling out applications for writing jobs. And I use the word “jobs” very loosely here because they were actually applications for unpaid work. For those of you who are unaware, that’s the long uphill fight if fought—first you have to convince someone that your work is good enough for free use, then you have to convince a few more people, and once you’ve got an army’s worth of published articles you can start trying to apply for places with a checking account.

During the frustration of having this truly drilled into my head and getting no bites on my work, I wrote the I WILL Get Published article. I started to slip into a hole of feeling as if my work was no good and that all those who received my resume wrote me off. I knew I had a link to this gem of a blog on all the resumes and applications I sent, so I decided that throwing up a post of my reviving my confidence in my own writing would help speed the process along.

What? I was getting desperate.

The article went up and no emails came pouring in. Okay, honestly, I didn’t expect any responses at that point. However, a week or so later I found this site and wow was it a treasure trove. There were pages of sites looking for free writers like me for gaming journalism—and some were even offering benefits (free or discounted games). I started pounding down coffee and sending out resumes and emails. I was probably nearing the dozen mark when I started to feel desperate.

Desperation is what spurred me to write my I WILL Get Published article, so what did it make me do now?

I linked that article as a writing example in an email to an editor. As soon as I clicked send I wanted to yank my message back out of cyberspace and beat myself with it. After a defeated sigh, I wrote that job off as a loss and tried to keep trudging on. Eventually I had enough, called it quits, and began work on something else.

Later that day—that same day—I received an email from the editor who received my Email of Desperation. And he was interested. His email was very nice and informed me that he had read through my blog and wanted me to send a preliminary article. At least, that’s what the email said. However, I read it as “I read through your eccentric ramblings and I’m feeling desperate enough to take a chance on you. But just a chance. You’re still likely to fail.”

My heart was in my chest with both excitement and terror. This was my chance and I knew I was going to blow it.

The editor worked for, so I picked to write my article on TERA. It was the first MMO I found myself dangerously binging on since Runescape, making it an obvious choice. I wrote my article in a couple hours and then spent double the time proofing it. Finally, I hit send and prayed.

With the exception of removing some of my flourishing of words—it wouldn’t be eccentric ramblings without word flourishing—he surprisingly didn’t rip it to shreds. He actually liked it.

He actually published it.

Am I in a coma dream or does the story not stop there? Obviously, I must be in a coma dream. The same night the editor gave my article a green light, I received an email from another editor. This time the editor was from GamerTime UK and seemed exceptionally interested in giving me a position. The details are still being clarified and nothing has been written for this site yet, but I’m very excited to get started!

Between these two sites, I’m planning on writing at least three articles a week. Currently, my plan is to write a post here once a week (probably Sunday because it’s typically my only day without a post) with all the links inside. You can also follow my Twitter, where I’ll tweet the links once I see the articles are live.

I’m still waiting for something to go wrong. But I need to get past that thinking because this is a huge first step! Thank you to the people willing to take a gamble on the crazy caffeine addict!


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