Banished is a village building simulation available through Steam for about $20.00. I’m totally addicted to these sorts of games due to the fact that I love feeling like a god and these beings are all my little minions. And Banished did not disappoint.

The games boasts a very neat interface and clean graphics. Although the years tick by very quick, the weather patterns and citizen movements are very immersive. Before you know it, your first generation of banished lab rats will be having children and dying of old age. Or famine. Or hypothermia. Or a cave in from the mine. Or a natural disaster.

I booted up the game only to take these shots of a village I started the day before and wound up playing for a few hours! This game is so addictive it is bordering on life-ruining.

I shall not give up. A benevolent overlord would not abandon their electronic slaves.

By the way, I did this:


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