New Phone!

I’ve got a new phone! I’ve got a new phone!

Well, getting a new phone. It’s in the mail.

To let you know how long I’ve had my cracklebox of a sugarcube, it could have been upgraded October of 2013. This poor phone has a cracked screen, no camera lens, and shattered back. And that’s just its appearance. It can no longer muster the energy to browse the web or pull up the majority of my apps, including my beloved Instagram. It’s also officially too old to download many of the newly releasing apps.

I’ve been wanting to upgrade it for over a year now but haven’t been able to give in to paying for it. Not only are we living paycheck to paycheck, but I’m also super cheap. Technology has become my worst enemy because the expected expiration date keeps shrinking while I’m still attempting to make my things last longer and longer.

Expect more vlogs, more photos, and much more! I’m back, glitches!


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