Don’t tell people good news in the middle of the night.

So I’m going to be an aunt.

So I’m going to be an aunt.

Nope. Sorry. Still don’t believe it.

I mean, how can I? This is my goofy brother we’re talking about here. How can anyone believe their siblings will be parents? I’ve seen him do the dumbest things. We’re talking about a guy who had a rumor spread about him that he brought a samurai sword to school and everyone believed it. That’s actually how I explained to my future husband who my brother was, to which he responded, “Ohhh, that guy! Cool!”

It broke his heart to let him know that it wasn’t true.

But that guy. A dad.

Don’t get me wrong. I wish him every ounce of luck I can send his way. And I mean every ounce.

I couldn’t imagine being in his shoes. I do eventually want to reproduce, but I simply can’t imagine it – just as I never imagined what it would be like being told I’m going to be an aunt. (Nope. Not sinking in yet.) I’m lucky if I go a week without accidentally trapping a cat in a closet. Thinking about two other people having a kid right now gives me anxiety, and it doesn’t even have any major consequences on my life. All I have to deal with is unbelievably cute baby pictures and the chance to buy My Aunt is _____ type of shirts for them to never put on him/her. Item number 374 on the list of why I am not ready to create another human.

Maybe once I get some real sleep -the holidays have not been kind in this matter- everything will be much clearer. Until then, here’s to you Future Parents! May morning sickness be eased with a simple ginger tea and your cravings align with in-season food!

Aunt Beth will be signing off to go and pretend to be an elf in the woods during another unseasonably warm December day. Not really. I have to work. But it’d be cool if I could. I’m going to be a cool aunt.

Nope. Still not connecting in my lame brain.


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