Crochet Circle

I had the greatest conversation with one of my best friends tonight over Skype. I haven’t been able to talk to much of anyone other than the Jess lately because I’ve grown into a recluse with three tumorous cats attached. Therapeutic doesn’t even adequately explain how wonderful it was to spend nearly seven hours casually talking and crocheting with her.

I miss my friends.

They all live so very far away.

If you are someone who I’m good friends with and would like to get in touch with me, the two best ways to get in touch with me at the moment are Skype and email. You can use the link in the right side bar to email me, or comment below to give/receive Skype usernames!


By the way, my left arrow key only works 10% of the time and it’s really annoying me. And I’m supposed to be waking up in four hours…….f.


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