In the beginning…

I’m not going to lie, this isn’t my first rodeo with a blog. Not by a long shot. However, every time I start a blog, it ends up being influenced by others around me who are blogging and famous bloggers out there in the bloggerverse. My subject matter ends up being a few lonely fractiles of my personality – an incomplete and inadequate representation of me.

No more, I say! I’ve decided to go back to the heart of what blogging is supposed to be about. I’m planning on posting whatever the hell I want to post about with no thought towards subscribers, directed content, or advertisers. This will be a place for funny videos, honest game and product reviews, recipes requested by my family and friends, and every itch I need to release onto the internet.

How very Tumblr-esc of me, right? I believe it’s time to take that style of blogging back from an over-cluttered medium that should really be meant for artists – because, seriously, have you seen some of the videogame themed art on there?

On this blog, you will be able to find funny videos, exciting game trailers, reviews of a large variety, recipes created and/or loved by me (a cook-in-training with a very picky husband), cat photos, and much more personal nonsense. It will be a place for my friends, my family, and anyone else with similar interests to come and bloom in an environment where it’s okay to be spontaneous.


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